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Introducing eJay Pure.


eJay Pure is the first multi-genre eJay product developed especially for iOS and Android users. It will incorporate professional and up to date music samples, mixed with simplified music creation functionality.

eJay Pure will be free for everyone to download and enjoy. You will get the full eJay experience from the first moment. If you enjoy what you create, you will be able to further your experience by purchasing additional features and buying many thousands of samples which will be constantly created.

EJay Pure Features....

• The first multi-genre eJay product including rock, dubstep and all things electronic!

• The first eJay product to go mobile and completely free to use.  • Designed especially for touch screens.

• Largest catalogue of samples available – over 100,000.  • Multi-track arranger with integrated Mixer.

• Import your own samples and export your mix.  • Intelligent sample organiser and previewer.

• Completely social network integrated from the ground up.  • All creations are royalty free.

More features to be announced…

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