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Cafe Chat eJayCafeChat

About eJayCafeChat.


Back in the day of the original eJay forums, members’ created a website called ‘The eJay Cafe’ and within its website was a chat room were all budding eJayers’ would go for a social chat amongst friends.

With the demise of the Official eJay forums, when Empire Interactive went into administration, so came the end of the eJay Cafe, ending a long history of friendship, were members’ went their seperate ways, to other music websites; and of course, Facebook and mySpace.

Now with the introduction of eJay Pure, due out later this year (2013), we see that members’ are once again reuniting to the musical challenge, that made once a great and successful community.

For this reason, Fazakstudios has created a new eJay Cafe Chat area for members to visit, chat with fellow eJayers; and other musicians, in creating and remixing tracks from those small coloured bricks of pure entertainment.

The Fazakstudios forums (click on the ‘Network’ tab to visit the forums) have been set-up to include sections for .mix file sharing (for collab./Remix purposes); as well as other forums for music makers; and other people just wanting to find out more.

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